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Peace of Mind When you Need it Most

Friday, June 12th, 2020

We are still, however, not out of the woods yet with new cases still emerging across the country. Continuing to be vigilant about infection control needs to remain a top priority so that we can keep people safe and well.

At AMC, we have responded to these unprecedented times with a complete professional disinfectant service to look after your people and your business and give you peace of mind by keeping your workspaces truly clean.

Our Special Surface Disinfection is a commercial sanitising service like no other.

We know that cleaning, although vital, will merely remove germs, dirt and organic matter from surfaces. What we need now is disinfecting which will kill 99.9% of those germs that remain after cleaning, further reducing the risk of spreading infection.

Our disinfecting cleaning service has several interdependent components:

  • Pre-emptive surface disinfection targets high touch areas, improves hand hygiene practices and implements regular maintenance to reduce the chances of an infectious outbreak
  • Post-contamination cleaning quickly, discreetly and efficiently eliminates the risk of infection after an outbreak
  • Infection control focuses on specialist disinfection services of high touch areas, biological decontamination and environmental fogging services that use extremely small droplets of disinfectant to reach hard-to-get to areas.

Each of these components comprise a total service to ensure your team, customers, clients and visitors are well protected from infectious diseases such as COVID-19, Legionnaires’ diseases, E.coli, Swine flu, Norovirus, MRSA and C.difficile.

We know that high traffic areas such as restaurants, shopping centres and hotels are hotspots for germs. We have also seen how the aged care, health care and other susceptible sectors have been impacted by COVID-19.

The team at AMC prides itself on providing tailored disinfecting services to look after the vulnerable members of our communities in aged care, doctors’ offices, medical centres, childcare centres and schools, as well as offices and workplaces that usually house a more robust demographic.

AMC can assist you with a range of commercial cleaning including office cleaning, school cleaning, medical cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, aged care cleaning, and cleaning for hotels, restaurants and shopping centres.

2020 has not panned out the way any of us had imagined it would and we find ourselves in extraordinary times, uncertain of what lays ahead.
As we adapt to a new normal, we can, however, be smart by being prepared. A completely disinfected space will mitigate the risk of infection in our working environments and take care of those within them.

Because we believe it’s important to look after people.

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