Why Choose AMC Commercial Cleaning for Your Commercial Facility

Why Choose Us

AMC Commercial Cleaning offers quality cleaning services and value for money. As a well-established, Australian owned company, we do more than “just clean”.

With a positive and proactive approach, AMC Commercial Cleaning partners with clients, identifying their unique needs to develop a comprehensive and customised cleaning solution, which is constantly scrutinised, tweaked and adapted as required in our perpetual endeavour to exceed expectations.

We work with our clients closely to determine their unique cleaning requirements, regardless of what industry they’re in, before we set our management process in motion. You can read all about our extensive commercial cleaning and management process here.

Not a one size fits all approach

With highly trained staff and a prestigious triple certification, it’s no question that our cleaning services are second to none. The difference when you choose our company is the personal touch that you’ll receive. We go above and beyond to develop a relationship with our clients so that they feel completely comfortable with our service at all times. We’ll work with you to develop a cleaning solution that is perfectly tailored to your facility, business premises and we’ll proactively suggest any changes that could save you money, or have any other manner of positive impacts on your business.

Systems and Support

Our cleaning process is supported by proactive managers who uphold the highest quality assurance standards. This results in our customers receiving a complete cleaning service at a competitive price. Our unique management system is why our clients feel completely and consistently satisfied with our service.

We genuinely care

Obviously committed to the highest industry standards in our field, we passionately pursue better ways of doing things, challenging the status quo and questioning everything. That’s why we do things a little differently – to get the very best result for our clients, their stakeholders and the environment.

Accountable and approachable

We’ve built our business on family values – honesty, reliability and quality, and our customised cleaning solutions are supported by exceptional levels of communication.

Check out our specialist commercial cleaning services in more detail.