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Hobart, Tasmania, stands as the bustling hub of the region, renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse enterprises. It’s crucial for businesses here to uphold a global standard in cleaning and hygiene, irrespective of whatever industry sector they are in.

Commercial Cleaning could be the transformative solution for upholding the reputation of brands and organisations in Hobart, as it is in the rest of the world. It is therefore vital to know who has the expertise to provide consistent quality for regular maintenance of buildings, businesses and public facilitites.

AMC Commercial Cleaning has gained a stellar reputation for its outstanding services, demonstrating reliability and skill in the field in Hobart. We understand the challenges of operating in a dynamic city, such as Hobart, and have honed our cleaning techniques to match the rapid pace of the local commercial world. In a city where businesses thrive and competition is intense, maintaining a pristine and inviting workspace is essential. This is precisely where AMC Commercial Cleaning excels, showcasing a steadfast commitment to quality, ensuring that businesses in Hobart always present their best appearance


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Our Experience makes us Agile

With over 35 years of expertise in commercial cleaning, we have established an extensive portfolio of working with renowned organisations in Hobart. AMC Commercial Cleaning focuses on providing specialised cleaning solutions customised to the specific needs, scope of work, and professional standards of various industry sectors.

Aged Care Cleaning in Hobart

AMC Commercial Cleaning is committed to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness for aged care facilities in Hobart, Tasmania. With a wealth of experience in cleaning diverse aged care facilities, we distinguish ourselves as a trustworthy partner with a meticulous cleaning approach that surpasses surface cleaning. Our expertise lies in crafting a secure and comfortable environment for senior citizens by customising our cleaning services to the specific requirements of aged care, including resident rooms, bathrooms, lounge areas, and kitchens. Recognising the unique needs of aged care, we acknowledge the importance of special attention, care, and regular maintenance to ensure the satisfaction and peace of residents, families, and staff. Check out AMC’s approach to Aged Care.

Medical Facilities in Hobart

In healthcare settings, it is crucial to uphold exceptional cleanliness to thwart combat the transmission of infections and guarantee the well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. AMC commercial cleaning adheres to stringent protocols, encompassing including comprehensive disinfection and sanitisation, to align with the rigorous standards established by healthcare authorities. Our operations team in Hobart, Tasmania, is proficiently trained and well-equipped to manage delicate areas which need infection control such as like operating rooms, isolation units, waiting areas, and restrooms within a medical facility.

Retail Stores in Hobart

Retail spaces in Hobart, require a meticulous approach to cleaning that prioritises presentation and customer experience. Whether it’s an upscale showroom, a trendy fashion boutique, or a bustling supermarket, retail stores in Hobart thrive on customer satisfaction.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we recognise the crucial role of crafting an inviting and well-maintained shopping environment. Our team is dedicated to ensuring tidiness, dust-free surfaces, and organised displays/gondolas to elevate the overall shopping experience for Hobart customers. We utilise the latest cleaning equipment and processes to keep your retail store looking its best. We offer after-hours cleaning services to minimise business disruption, with the aim of creating a shopping experience that delights your customers in Hobart.

Corporate Buildings and Offices

The ever-changing nature of office environments calls for a flexible approach to cleaning. With our extensive experience and knowledge in regular office cleaning in Hobart, Tasmania, we recognise the various activities that occur within commercial structures, ranging from board meetings to collaborative workspaces. Our services are customised to guarantee cleanliness in all areas, including glass and windows, creating a clutter-free environment for office employees that promotes productivity and well-being.

Check out our experts in Cleaning Offices in Tasmania

Childcare Facilities in Hobart

At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we understand the significance of thorough cleaning in childcare settings, especially for the well-being of our youngest community members. Every childcare centre in Hobart, follows its unique care approach, requiring diverse cleaning solutions. Our dedicated childcare cleaning program is customised to meet the specific requirements of childcare facilities, recognising that cleanliness plays a crucial role in the health and safety of both children and staff.

We give top priority to the use of child-safe and chemical-free cleaning products, guaranteeing that play areas, classrooms, toilets, and communal spaces are impeccably clean and safe.

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School and Education Facilities in Hobart

Educational settings require a comprehensive cleaning approach to promote a healthy learning environment. AMC Commercial Cleaning specialises in cleaning expansive campuses across Hobart, offering a dedicated Protect+ cleaning program tailored for schools with a focus on preserving the learning and educational atmosphere.

Through Protect+, our emphasis is on disinfecting classrooms, toilets, and communal spaces, ensuring students benefit from a conducive setting for academic development. Discover more about Protect+ and its benefits for school cleaning and educational spaces.

What are the different services we offer in Hobart?

• Customised Cleaning schedules/ Before-After hour Cleaning
• Open-plan Office Cleaning
• Surface clean and maintenance
• Carpet Cleaning
• Window Cleaning
• Hard Floor Maintenance
• Warehouse Cleaning
• Medical Facility Cleaning
• Glass Cleaning
• Toilets and Consumables and more


If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Hobart, contact AMC Commercial Cleaning to arrange a free cleaning quote today. We would love to hear from you!


AMC Commercial Cleaning has been the cleaning service provider for CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy since 2016. AMC works day and night across 12 of our sites in Victoria. Their service operations structure, reporting processes and resourcing of staff are streamlined and structured. As a result, the quality of service is consistent. They have the agility to change to our changing needs. In the last year, we have added washroom hygiene services from AMC’s hygiene arm, Ecohygiene DinhBen Smith Group Workplace Services Manager | Finance CITIPOWER PTY LTD,POWERCOR AUSTRALIA LTD & UNITED ENERGY PTY LTD

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