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The way we work is changing rapidly. To adapt to these changes, it’s important to ensure your property’s cleaning is up to the job. With over 30 years’ commercial cleaning experience, we understand every office has its own specific cleaning needs.

This is why we offer an innovative approach to Facilities Optimisation Management to provide you with smart, effective and tailored cleaning solutions. Fostering high performing teams and environments through the way that we clean underpins everything we do. Our operational management structure, streamlined processes and ability to be agile, allow us to deliver a consistent and effective clean – no matter the size of the facility.

At AMC, we believe it’s important to look after the health and wellbeing of others, from employees to visitors alike.

That’s why we say: here’s to happiness.

Innovation in Facilites Management

Invest in Happiness! See how we can help.


Operational Excellence

We understand the challenge to maintain consistent quality in dynamic environments.

This is why we have built an operations excellence model to ensure, be it a cleaning service person or a customer service manager, our people understand their roles and responsibilities across a multi-layered service structure to mitigate risk, ensure quality and provide peace of mind at all times.

Our Operational Plan includes cleaning service structure, customer service and account management:

Approach and Methodology – Facilities Optimisation Management

While a structured scope of works will form the broad basis to the programme, measures for optimisation such as predictive maintenance, real time localisation, data-based decisions on utilisation and agile maintenance will form the new cleaning solution.

Underpinning our service will be the focus on outcomes supporting business performance, wellbeing of employees and other users’ experience, public and workplace safety and health.

Commitment to Quality, Safety and Environment

We are proud to maintain the highest levels of accreditation certificationWe hold quality international standards via a triple certification based on ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health Management System & Safety & ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

AMC’s Workplace safety and health policy promotes a zero harm and injury free work environment and actively supports the health and safety of employees, contractors, and customers.  This policy is applied at contract level through trained cleaning staff.

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement has led us to develop our 5 pillars of quality. These five areas of Satisfaction, Service, Simplicity, Safety and Sustainability set out clear and measurable KPIs that ensure we are upholding ourselves to a consistently high standard and delivering on our promise of operational excellence.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Transition Management

We acknowledge that transitioning from your current suppliers will be one of your greatest concerns, and you want to ensure that there is no disruption of service to your customers and facilities. You would want to ensure that the right regulatory protocols are observed and a high level of risk reduction is included in the programme.

The summary below outlines our transition process. We will ensure the transition and implementation will be smooth, seamless and discreet except for an increased level of service that will be evident.

Stage Gates Check signed-off

Online Auditing and Real Time Reporting

We have a range of processes, tools and systems that we have developed over the years which will not simply provide fully transparent reporting but will deliver you with real insights. We use these insights to continually improve how we deliver the services.

  • Real-time reporting of service
  • Service route optimisation for environmental sustainability
  • On-site communication records
  • QR codes – ensure security and accountability
  • AMC policies, procedures and insurance schedules accessible online
  • Site audits conducted and made available through the customer portal including traceable historic data
  • Customer self-audit system
Environment and Sustainability

We maintain a strong commitment to our planet and its future. We strive for continual improvement of our environmental performance through systematic management practice on the following:

  • Selection and use of cleaning products and equipment
  • Cleaning methodology
  • Waste management practices
  • Energy consumption
  • Carbon footprint
  • Consideration to community
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Promote good environmental behaviour
  • Proud to hold ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.
User Feedback Surveys

Client Appreciation Surveys are the key to monitoring and raising our standards. We place calls to our clients on a regular basis and ask them to score us on 10 different criteria including cleanliness, audits, communication, responsiveness, service and Net Promoter Score (NPS). We are proud that many of our clients have regularly scored us 8 or 9 out of 10, which translates into our current NPS score of +20. During and after the transition you will have the opportunity to provide your feedback in order that we may continuously improve our service and provide the best experience to you and your customers.