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AMC Commercial Cleaning, renowned for its excellence, offers tailored solutions that go beyond surface-level maintenance. With Adelaide witnessing a surge in demand for comprehensive cleaning services, AMC has become a trusted partner across diverse sectors. From offices to healthcare facilities, our services are meticulous and adapted to each sector’s unique requirements. Backed by skilled professionals and innovative methodologies, we ensure consistent quality of our cleaning services.

Adeliade companiesOur  reach extends beyond Adelaide to surrounding suburbs, where we uphold the same highcleaning service standards, helping the sites to bebe productive and successful. With over 35 years of experience, AMC is dedicated to delivering reliable, exceptional cleaning solutions, customised for various sectors. Whether corporate, healthcare, or education, AMC Commercial Cleaning has proven to be one of  the preferred choices for businesses seeking higher standard of cleanliness and outstanding presentation of their site.

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Glenelg, Prospect, Henley Beach, North Adelaide, Semaphore, Westbourne Park, Windsor Gardens, North Brighton, Salisbury, Unley, Bowden, Fulham, Kensington, Norwood, Aldgate, Malvern, Sheidow Park, Walkerville, Burnside, Christies Beach, Mawson Lakes, Millswood, Aldinga Beach, Athelstone

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School Cleaning Services in Adelaide

AMC Commercial Cleaning stands as a leading professional cleaning service provider catering specifically to schools and educational institutes in Adelaide. Drawing from our extensive experience in school cleaning, we comprehensively address every area, from auditoriums, libraries, and corridors to labs, art rooms, classrooms, toilets, stairs, elevators, canteens, and staff rooms.

Our dedicated team recognises the paramount importance of hygiene and safety within school premises, where daily interactions between students and staff occur, offering peace of mind for parents. With customised cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of educational settings, we integrate our Protect+ program, providing an additional layer of defence against germs and bacteria.

Our commitment extends beyond mere cleanliness; we strive to cultivate a healthy learning environment for students in Adelaide.


Retail Cleaning Services in Adelaide

With beautiful scenic parks and wildlife experiences in Adelaide, the retail landscape thrives with a diverse array of shops, boutiques, and markets, each contributing to the vibrant shopping culture of the city. Maintaining cleanliness of these retail facilities upholds the reputation of the business. From immaculate floors to sparkling displays, AMC commercial cleaning’s comprehensive approach ensures that your retail space maintains the highest standards of cleanliness in Adelaide.

It’s all about first impressions and customer satisfaction when it comes to retail. Our comprehensive approach caters specifically to the unique demands of retail spaces in Adelaide, ensuring that your store exudes cleanliness and professionalism. Our resolute team understands the distinct needs of the retail sector and is committed to ensuring a pristine and inviting shopping environment for your customers.

Whether it’s ensuring crystal-clear windows that showcase your products, keeping shelves free of dust and debris, maintaining hygienic change rooms, or sanitising grocery carts for customer safety, we ensure excellence in service delivery.


Industrial and Manufacturing Cleaning Services in Adelaide

In Adelaide’s industrial landscape, spanning manufacturing to service sectors, maintaining cleanliness is vital for operational efficiency and employee welfare. At AMC Adelaide, we tailor meticulous cleaning solutions to suit diverse industrial needs.

Our skilled team adeptly handles heavy-duty tasks with ride-on cleaning equipment and strict adherence to safety protocols. Despite the inherent risks in heavy-duty environments like logistics and warehouses, our specialised Commercial Cleaning services prioritise safety.
Constant movement, heavy lifting, and machinery usage pose potential hazards, underscoring the need for rigorous cleaning and safety measures.

With regular cleaning, AMC Commercial Cleaning not only enhance aesthetics but also foster a hygienic environment, mitigating accidents and instilling confidence among the workforce in Adeliade.

Thank you for the services you provide in the Toll office. We moved into a brand-new spec suite, and we appreciate the efforts you put in to keep the space looking brand new.Nivesh

At AMC Commercial Cleaning we are committed to protecting customers’ well-being in everything we do.


Medical Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Health and Medical industries are one of the most popular as well as crucial industries in Adelaide. Hence, the significance of maintaining a sterile and hygienic environment in medical facilities cannot be overstated. With cleaning staff who are specifically trained in infection control and bio-hazard cleaning, as well as capabilities that include a special response for specialist surface disinfection; we prioritise the safety and well-being of both staff and patients.

Our approach is grounded in a site-specific cleaning plan that outlines strategies for the unique spaces and traffic within healthcare facilities, ranging from main entrances, waiting area, consultation rooms, CT rooms, staff breakrooms. We employ a quality management system that maintains consistently high cleaning outcomes and ensures any potential issues will be addressed immediately. Our expertise extends across all areas of medical facilities, recognising that each space requires special attention to detail.

Aged-care and Retirement Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Aged care cleaning transcends mere protocols, requiring compassion similar to that shown to our own loved ones. Upholding the Aged Care Quality Standard One (1) demands a humane approach, fostering respect, empathy, and connection. In Adelaide, where the aged care market is dynamic and sensitive, maintaining pristine cleanliness is paramount for resident well-being.

AMC Commercial Cleaning takes pride in meeting this demand with professionalism and attention to detail. Beyond surface cleanliness, we prioritise creating safe and hygienic environments for the elderly and caregivers, adhering to specialised aged care cleaning regulations. This commitment ensures that residential facilities throughout Adelaide receive the highest standard of care, acknowledging the profound importance of compassion and diligence in aged care services; for AMC Commercial cleaning, cleaning is unconditional caring.

Corporate Office Cleaning services in Adelaide

In the corporate office landscape of Adelaide, maintaining pristine cleanliness is paramount for employee well-being and productivity. Increasingly, organisations are seeking comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions tailored to their specific needs. AMC Commercial Cleaning stands at the forefront of this market, recognising the unique requirements of office environments in Adelaide.

Our approach extends beyond routine cleaning tasks to attention to detail, ensuring every corner and workstation is immaculate. From specialised solutions such as professional window washing and hardwood floor care to thorough disinfecting protocols, our services are designed to foster a productive and healthy work atmosphere.

We acknowledge diverse office areas, from lobbies to restrooms, dining area, common spaces, each demanding specific cleaning considerations. AMC Commercial Cleaning endeavours to create a clean and hygienic workspace tailored to the specific needs of corporate offices in Adelaide.

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Specialist surface disinfection

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How is Sector Specific Training done at all sites in Adelaide


At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we understand that every client’s needs are unique, and that’s why we take staff training seriously, especially before we begin work at any new site in Adelaide.

Whether it’s an aged care facility, a childcare centre, any retail store, or corporate offices, our training ensures our staff is fully inducted and prepared to deliver exceptional cleaning services tailored to your specific site requirements.

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