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Does your School Cleaning Service help you stay on top of things?

Monday, June 24th, 2024

As a professional school cleaning team, we understand keeping a school tidy and well-presented is no mean feat. School facility managers face a mountain of daily cleaning and maintenance tasks. From overflowing bins to spills in common areas, broken equipment to smelly loos, as well as pest control and the constant need to restock consumables. Then, if there are urgent requests from staff, things can pile up quickly.
School Cleaning

We know your to-do list is never-ending.

That is where the expertise of AMC Commercial Cleaning can help you stay on top of things. With nearly 35 years’ experience working with schools in Australia and New Zealand, we understand the pressures school facility managers need to deal with. Our mission is to ease your burden – with experience, expertise and a collaborative team attitude.

A clean, well-presented school is great for the morale of everyone attending. It fosters a sense of pride and sets a benchmark for the way its students should show up each day. And with everything in it place each day, the school’s daily timetables will continue to flow effortless without unnecessary distractions.

No two schools are the same.

Our experience has taught us that primary schools have very different cleaning needs to that of secondary schools and tertiary institutions, as do the different areas within each. That’s why we’ll tailor a cleaning solution to your school, paying special attention to different areas and their surfaces.

customised school cleaning

AMC Commercial Cleaning has developed special processes to address a huge variety of cleaning requirements across schools; from a variety of floors, like carpets, wood and vinyl, dealing with spills and stains, graffiti removal on different surfaces, glass cleaning and dusting including high dusting, periodicals (term cleans), and the disinfection of toilets and washrooms.


It’s important to look after people.

We keep the best interests of your school’s staff, students and parents at heart. When AMC Commercial Cleaning joins your team, they’ll be as invested in your school’s reputation as the other staff members. We always have a finger on the pulse of your school; we make it our business to know who’s doing what activities, who’s away camping, what class is rehearsing for a big performance, the history of campus buildings, which buildings are under construction, in fact, anything that will help us deliver a better service. We also like to build strong relationships with the school’s faculty to predict potential issues and fix them before they become a problem.


professional school cleaning


daily school cleaning

Stepping up and showing up.

Daily school cleaning means exactly that; daily. So we will show up on time, every day, with our ‘can-do’ attitude ready to take care of the things that will make a facility manager’s job easier. To ensure we always deliver on our commitment, we have created easy-to-use communications for transparency and quick issue resolution.

Experience across the country.

AMC Commercial Cleaning has proven school cleaning experience across all of Australia’s major cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

If you’d like to discuss your school’s cleaning requirements with a commercial cleaning company who really understands what it takes, please contact us today.

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Let AMC Commercial Cleaning help you stay on top of things.