8 School Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Schools Clean Melbourne Victoria

8 School Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Facilities Clean & Hygienic

Monday, March 28th, 2022

School Cleaning Services

As commercial cleaners for Melbourne and Victorian schools, we wanted to share our tips to help optimise educational cleaning and hygiene.

8 Tips for Effective School Cleaning

Take a few minutes to go over these tips and learn how you can get the most out of your school cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria and around Australia.

Ensure you have a site-specific cleaning plan

School buildings and grounds can vary greatly, and if you’re working with commercial cleaning services for schools it’s so important to ensure that they’re working to a tailored cleaning plan. This should outline cleaning frequency, as well as specific focal points for cleaning and sanitisation.

Arrange surface disinfection

While cleaning physically removes the grime from a surface, surface disinfection chemically kills pathogens that might be lurking on that surface. This is why it’s so essential to engage capable cleaners that can provide a consistent school disinfection service.

Choose the right time of day

You won’t want your school cleaning services in Melbourne to begin as students are still packing up, or to inadvertently disrupt any after-school activities. We suggest working with your cleaning service to identify the best times of day to suit your school’s schedules.

Request a cleaning boost when needed

You can ask to step up cleaning frequencies or focus points at certain times of year to ensure that students and staff are adequately protected against spread. For example: illnesses such as the flu can spread faster in winter, and it’s great to be able to reassure families with extra cleaning if an outbreak occurs.

Consider ventilation carefully

Maintaining appropriate ventilation can minimise the spread of airborne transmission, and is proving to be particularly important in the COVID-19 era. Good ventilation can be as simple as opening classroom windows or installing air purifiers sized correctly for each shared room.

Focus on high-touch surfaces

Commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, desktops, taps and toys can be common transmission points for germs and viruses. Any education cleaning service worth their salt will suggest and carry out more frequent sanitisation for these high-touch surfaces.

Ask about cleaning staff safety measures

There are several staff safety measures that a quality school cleaning company will have in place for your peace of mind. For example: we provide our school cleaning franchise teams with thorough cross-contamination management training, and require cleaners to have appropriate vaccinations including the flu vaccine.

Choose a provider that uses safe and sustainable products

This is an important consideration for any commercial cleaning in Melbourne and Victoria, but even more so in a school setting. Our cleaners use only environmentally friendly (biodegradable) cleaning products, monitor chemical use and work to minimise water and power usage.

AMC’s PROTECT+ service for school cleaning sets and maintains a new standard in health and hygiene for a new world of cleanliness. If you’re looking for highly qualified, quality-managed cleaning for your school facilities, contact us today to arrange a free quote.

And if you’re interested in joining the AMC family with your own commercial cleaning franchise, you can learn more here.