Commercial Cleaners for the New Norm in New South Wales

How to Find Cleaners for the New Norm in New South Wales

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Past outbreaks and the case of a locally acquired case by a hotel quarantine worker in early December have highlighted the importance of cleaning and surface disinfection services as well as respiratory hygiene.

In this ‘new norm’, it’s vital to find the right cleaners throughout Sydney and NSW.

What is the new norm in this COVID-19 era?

While commercial cleaning services have always required high standards, the Australian COVID-19 cleaning guidelines now outline the importance of regular cleaning as well as pre-emptive disinfection services that will remove and kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus. More than ever before, it’s essential to find a cleaning service that understands and practices the two different services of disinfection and cleaning. This is the new norm for cleaning any shared facility.

  • Cleaning removes organic and physical matter from a surface, physically removing some germs at the same time. This is a crucial first step so that disinfectant can work effectively.
  • Surface disinfection should then be carried out with a specifically-labelled virucidal disinfectant, to kill remaining viruses and bacteria on the surface.

Your commercial cleaners should also be fully trained in the management of contamination and work to a facility-specific cleaning plan, focusing on high-touch surfaces such as door handles more regularly.
Some key areas of NSW where cleaning and disinfection are essential
As NSW continues to manage any hotel quarantine or locally acquired COVID-19 cases, there are some vital facilities and areas that require very detailed cleaning services.

Childcare & Schools

Schools, universities and childcare centres are some of the busy environments in NSW that need to be kept hygienic to protect the health of children, staff and families. School cleaning services and childcare cleaning services in Sydney should be carried out according to a customised plan, so that high-touch surfaces such as light switches, chairs and hand rails will be frequently disinfected. It’s worth considering this requirement before engaging any school cleaning company or provider of childcare cleaning in Sydney.

Offices & Industrial Workplaces

A busy workplace offers many opportunities for the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so Sydney office cleaning should also incorporate a COVID-19 appropriate office disinfection service. At AMC commercial cleaning we provide a dedicated site supervisor to oversee your office cleaning, industrial cleaning or any other services you might require. Whether cleaning hotels or manufacturing facilities, a tailored cleaning plan will ensure no detail is missed.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Healthcare settings and residential care facilities have their own strict COVID-19 cleaning principles, and as such an extremely high level of attention is required. We’ve provided medical cleaning in Sydney for decades and have updated our already-robust cleaning principles to incorporate specialist COVID-19 cleaning to minimise the spread of infections in hospitals and healthcare settings.

Aged care cleaning services are also vitally important in this era of potential outbreaks, as the right systems will help to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our population. It’s essential to work with an aged care cleaning company that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of safety, health, hygiene and other compliance regulations.

For all types of commercial cleaning in Sydney, including in Eastern Sydney, Western Sydney, the Sydney CBD, the Central Coast and Newcastle, AMC Commercial Cleaning is here to help. Contact our NSW office to discuss your requirements and to develop a customised cleaning plan that will be carried out by teams who are fully trained in COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection.