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Our commitment to kids being kids

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Supporting and enabling the community for success is a core principle at the heart of our AMC business. Over the 30-year span of AMC Commercial Cleaning, we have supported many charitable initiatives and organisations because we believe it’s important to look after people – especially the little ones. It is why we are particularly proud to continue to partner with the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI), the only independent medical research institute wholly dedicated to treating and eradicating childhood cancers.

We support their mission of giving the littlest members of our communities the best chance at a cancer-free childhood, because we believe kids should be kids, messes and all. AMC specialises in providing tailored cleaning and hygiene solutions for the childcare and early childhood education sector and backs our commitment to children by donating 1% of all new childcare contracts to the Children’s Cancer Institute to ensure they move closer to curing childhood cancers.

We understand childcare and education is about recognising the individuality of every child being cared for, and we know it’s essential to create and maintain an environment that provides a safe space in which children’s unique needs can be addressed. Childcare providers have a special and important role in the lives of the children they care for, and our role and responsibility is to consistently provide the assurance of a clean and hygienic space for kids to be kids in.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning, we want to help providers give kids the best start in life by not only delivering consistently high standards of cleaning, but also the tools to help teach children the importance of clean up time at pack up time – so that they can make a bigger mess tomorrow! A 75-year study by Harvard University, the Grant Study, proved that subjects who were given regular chores as children grew to be more independent, collaborative and successful in the workplace and interpersonal relationships.

We are thrilled to be rolling out a programme to provide current and new clients with a toolkit to help centre managers and care staff encourage children to learn the important and fundamental skills of tidying up, in a fun and engaging way. The toolkit include posters, instructional signage and reward stickers to motivate and recognise their efforts, all while working to build pride in their accomplishments and cultivate their self-esteem.

We’re dedicated to a cancer-free future for our kids – so that our only task will be helping them all make a bigger mess tomorrow!

Click on the link, to learn more about the Children’s Cancer Institute, including exciting developments in their nano-medicine research aiming to fight long-term side effects of cancer treatments.


Kristie Coade is one of Australia’s youngest Chief Executive Officers. Having joined the family's facilities management business in 2007, Kristie rose from the ranks of AMC Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd – from Telesales to Business Development and then on to the challenge as General Manager tasked with the turnaround of AMC South Australia in 2012. On the back of a successful performance of growth, the Gen Y of 26, became COO in 2015. Today, with 10 years of experience behind her, Kristie heads the $80m cleaning and facilities management business spread across Australia and New Zealand, giving leadership to over 500 operatives and 2500 colleagues devoted to meticulous cleaning and care to provide inspiring work environments every day.