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Caring for the Little Ones Through Childcare Cleaning in Australia

Monday, November 15th, 2021

Early learning environments have always demanded extremely high cleaning standards for the wellbeing of the children, carers and families who interact in these environments every day. But now more than ever, we know that hygiene and safety are really front of mind.

As restrictions ease in the eastern states of Australia, we’re seeing many children return to their early learning or family daycare centres. Some families may be feeling uneasy about this return, particularly given that the Australian vaccine rollout currently applies only to those over 12 years of age. To help centre managers provide assurance to families, we’ve answered three key questions around childcare cleaning in the COVID-19 era.

  1. Which areas require attention for effective child care or family day care cleaning?

Your commercial cleaning services provider should be working with you to develop a site-specific cleaning plan for each unique centre.

Not only will this childcare cleaning plan cover the consistent cleaning procedure for floors, surfaces and furnishings, but it should also prioritise high-touch surfaces such as taps, handles, light switches, remotes and tabletops.

These surfaces (floors, taps, handles, light switches, etc.) should not only be regularly cleaned, but also carefully disinfected with antiviral disinfectant.

  1. What is the difference between cleaning & disinfection for a childcare centre?

Cleaning is the process of using water and detergent to wipe surfaces free of grime, dirt and organic matter that can build up or settle there. Once the surface is clean, the cleaner should apply disinfectant to chemically eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that may still be present on that surface. As Safe Work Australia outlines, these two processes are distinct and it’s important they’re carried out correctly for a truly hygienic environment. Be sure to ask about surface disinfection services when arranging childcare cleaning in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and right across the country.

  1. How can we be sure high cleaning & disinfection standards are being maintained?

Carers and families deserve peace of mind that a childcare cleaning plan is being carried out consistently and reliably.

There are a number of ways to ensure cleaning quality of your childcare centre (daycare facility) is kept at the highest standards over time. These include:

  • Quality management processes that set out clear and measurable cleaning KPIs.
  • A Site Supervisor, who monitors day-to-day standards onsite and is your main point of contact.
  • A dedicated Customer Service Manager, who will conduct regular site audits to ensure that cleaning standards are being met and exceeded.
  • Accreditations and training so that cleaners are highly equipped across cleaning and contamination control.
  • A clear and accountable escalation process should any issues ever arise.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning we believe it’s important to look after people, and especially the little ones, so they can make a bigger mess tomorrow!

If you’re currently looking for childcare cleaning services in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or beyond, you can contact us to request a tailored quote for your sites. Or, if you are interested in beginning a childcare cleaning franchise business, find out more about how you can join the AMC family with exceptional training and support.