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The Amazing Ho le Duc & The Winning Attitude

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Ho Le Duc joined the AMC family on 28th September 2012.
Originally from Vietnam, Ho moved to Australia when he was 27. He fell in love with the country for its beauty immediately and saw his new home as the “Land of Opportunity’

A qualified welder by trade, Ho spent his first five years working in the mining industry. However, he had the need for more work/life flexibility, which is when he started exploring cleaning as a career option. Having never professionally been in commercial cleaning in his life, Ho decided to take a plunge and join the AMC family. He has not looked back since then.

A typical day in Ho’s life is a very early 4.30am start, a quick breakfast and work until lunch time. After lunch it’s rest time and getting organised at home, then heading back to work at 4pm for a very late finish.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for lunch dates with his wife whilst his three children aged 15, 14 and 6 are at school.

This break in his workday gives Ho the flexibility to catch up with friends and family, enjoy some retail therapy and just a quiet rest when there is too much going on…

Ho loves his life and finds comfort in his daily routine. In commercial cleaning, being healthy and fit is important as cleaning has quite a physically demanding aspect to it. As such, Ho exercises every day without fail. Outside of professional cleaning, his other passion is playing tennis. So, come the weekend, he swaps his mop for a tennis racket and can be found hitting balls for a few hours.

Ho still looks after the same businesses that he cared for when he started his new career 9 years ago. He takes pride in his work and is grateful for the lifestyle it provides. He feels a sense of belonging to the sites he services and it gives him an extra level of satisfaction knowing that he is providing an essential service that in these times, is so vital to ensuring business continuity.

It’s no surprise then that his clients also value his efforts, saying:

“Ho is amazing! Nothing is ever too much trouble, but most importantly he is always happy and smiling 🙂 We hope you appreciate Ho as much as we do!”

Penny John | Estate Manager | RAAFA WA 

When questioned about the challenges in his career, with the biggest smile he answers that it is about not taking the complaints personally. He has learned to take on the feedback and invest the energy in working harder and not giving up on his goals.

Ho wants his children to be inspired by his hard work and understand that hard work always pays off.