Primary School Cleaning with a BIG Smile.

“Thank you for coming into my classroom with a big smile”

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Krishani Aramadura arrived in Australia in February 2020 to join her husband who had been invited to play professional cricket for a sports club in Warnambool, Victoria. Due to Covid-19, the couple chose to leave behind their two children with Krishani’s parents back at home in Sri Lanka until they had settled down in a safe place with secure jobs and steady finances to support the family.

The first job Krishani picked, was to work in commercial cleaning for AMC Commercial Cleaning. After initial training in commercial cleaning, to Krishani’s joy, she was assigned to do school cleaning at Merrivale Primary. Determined to do her best, particularly to protect the little ones from cross contamination, Krishani says, “I pulled everything I had to give to make it clean, safe and happy” for the school children and staff. “I always think that I owe it to the children who are going through this scary times, to be kind. I have to be thoughtful and must look after them”

Krishani’s selfless dedication to her job was overwhelmingly rewarded, when she received a booklet of messages of thanks, from the fourth graders of Merrivale Primary in August this year. Here’s what Angel from Room 4 said:

Thank you so much for making our school a safe environment. Without you our school wouldn’t even be close to being as clean as you make it. Every time I see you, you have a smile on your face. It was really fun when you took time out of your day to teach us some Sri Lankan.

-Angel, Room 4

At AMC we believe it’s important to look after people. Krishani, we are very proud of you. You have shown us all, that it is not just about what we do, but importantly it is about why we do what we do that makes the difference.

Our very best wishes to Krishani in her job, her culinary management studies and life ahead in Australia.