Integrated Clean & Hygiene Matters for Businesses in Melbourne

Why Does Integrated Clean + Hygiene Matter for Melbourne Businesses?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

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Hygiene is what helps to minimise sickness spreading in a workplace. Hygiene is what can reduce absenteeism, and bring your business benefits in terms of employee wellbeing and productivity. This is why it’s so important to focus on integrated cleaning and hygiene.

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An Example of Integrated Cleaning and Hygiene

Let’s consider a bathroom in a typical workplace. Cleaning works to scrub away the visible grime, dirt and soap scum that can accumulate in this busy washroom, but that doesn’t mean this space is hygienic just yet. There are two important factors to consider: surface disinfection and hygiene services.

Surface Disinfection

Cleaners should be carrying out the essential second step of pre-emptive surface disinfection, where the cleaning team uses safe solutions to chemically kill 99.9% of pathogens that lurk on the bathroom’s high-touch surfaces. These surfaces can include taps, countertops, door handles and hand dryer buttons in a bathroom, and also extend to keyboards, desks and kitchen surfaces with a broader office disinfection service. A comprehensive cleaner will integrate these two key processes into every cleaning plan.

Hygiene Services

You may have a number of hygiene facilities throughout your washrooms and wider workplace, which could include air fresheners, hand sanitiser dispensers and sanitary disposal bins. These facilities can help to deliver a healthy and pleasant environment, safely contain waste and minimise the risk of illness spreading. Depending on your facilities, you can request for your cleaning team to top up soap dispensers, hand towels, hand sanitisers, air fresheners and any other hygiene consumables throughout the workplace.

Melbourne Businesses That Should Consider Clean + Hygiene

Integrated cleanliness and hygiene doesn’t just apply in office bathrooms – it can apply for practically all businesses, from retail to manufacturing and beyond. Hygiene should be a consideration for every educational facility, so ensure your childcare cleaning or school cleaning company maintains a focus on surface disinfection services and hygiene services as needed. Aged care cleaning services matter a great deal in retirement and aged care homes, as an outbreak of cold, flu or gastroenteritis can quickly spread in these facilities. And of course, the value of both pre-emptive and post contamination cleaning is clear in protecting patients, staff and visitors with medical cleaning in Melbourne. It’s vital that your cleaning team is well versed in contamination control and infection control.

Finding Qualified and Capable Business Cleaners in Melbourne

How can you find commercial cleaners in Melbourne that you know will integrate cleanliness and hygiene services? Whether you’re looking for specialist industrial cleaners or a reliable office cleaning team, AMC Commercial Cleaning can provide complete peace of mind. We develop a site-specific cleaning plan with KPIs, using robust quality management processes to ensure a meticulous result with every clean. Contact us to get started today.
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