Clean Workplaces are Safe Workplaces in Sydney, NSW

Why Clean Workplaces are also Safe Workplaces in Sydney NSW

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

How can office cleaning services in Sydney help you to meet your WHS obligations? In NSW and right around Australia, employers are legally required to provide a workplace that’s safe. Common safety considerations include things like evacuation plans, good lighting and ventilation. Meanwhile cleaning is another essential – yet vastly underestimated – safety element in the workplace. Let’s look at exactly how professional cleaning can help you protect the wellbeing of your staff and visitors.


Key Focus Areas for Business Cleaning and Safety

Once you start considering the various ways that business cleaning supports workplace safety, you can quickly start to see the value of professional office cleaning in Sydney. Cleaning teams can help to minimise WHS risks relating to:

Surface Hygiene

Not only can office surfaces gather allergy-triggering dust, but they can also be common transmission points for bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing agents. Cleaning teams can physically clean surfaces and then disinfect surfaces to ensure nasty pathogens don’t linger.


Clutter in the office doesn’t just look unsightly – it can also increase tripping risks, cause injuries, and block safe exits in the case of an emergency. Your commercial cleaning services can help to tidy away clutter and keep work areas clear to maintain safe work environments.

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Did you know that falls, trips and slips account for around 23% of serious workplace claims in Australia? Floor surfaces must be kept clear, clean and slip resistant, and it’s important that any spills or residue are promptly removed.

Shared Facilities

Workplaces are legally required to have clean, safe and accessible toilet facilities. Any shared meal rooms must also be kept hygienic. The right cleaning team will ensure these shared spaces not only look spotless, but are also safely hygienic.

Hygiene Consumables

You can also ask your cleaning provider to regularly attend to consumables to keep your workplace safe. Replenishing hand sanitisers helps to minimise the spread of illness and encourage good hand hygiene, while replenishing paper towels regularly can minimise soapy (and slippery) drips on the floor.

Is Daily, Weekly or Monthly Cleaning better for a Safe Workplace?

This of course will depend on your workplace and its requirements. Many small office cleaning and large office cleaning services are scheduled for daily cleaning to maintain a consistent standard. You might also schedule deep weekly cleaning or monthly cleaning for areas that require less frequent attention, such as upholstery, vents and ceiling fans. In this way, you can schedule commercial space cleaning that keeps your premises safe and clean in a cost-effective way.

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Find a Commercial Cleaning Company to Support your Workplace Safety

Excellent workplace safety involves a range of processes and considerations, but it’s essential to make sure thorough cleaning is one of them. If you’re looking for a new provider, consider requesting a tailored quote from AMC Commercial Cleaning. We take care of some of Sydney’s largest offices and workplaces and safety of our staff and yours is incredibly important to us. In fact, safety is one of our 5 pillars of quality across our commercial cleaning in NSW, including the Sydney CBD, North Sydney, the eastern suburbs, south-eastern suburbs and beyond. Contact us today to get started.

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