Commercial Cleaning Inclusions in Australia

What is Included in Commercial Cleaning in Australia?

Friday, September 30th, 2022

Commercial cleaning services are carried out by professional teams with the training and equipment to maintain a safe, hygienic environment. But what exactly is covered when you engage a commercial cleaning company to provide these services?

Setting KPIs supports a clear course of action, whether it is office cleaning, aged care cleaning, or school cleaning. AMC Cleaning provides meticulous cleaning services across Australia.Whether office cleaning, aged care cleaning or school cleaning, Setting out KPIs supports a clear course of action. Contact AMC Cleaning for meticulous cleaning services throughout Australia.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, your own commercial clean inclusions will depend on who you work with. Our own process begins with the development of a tailored cleaning plan that takes into account:

  • The type of business or organisation you run
  • Where high-traffic areas and surfaces are located, and how they’re used
  • Required frequency of cleaning, and several more key factors.

Here are some examples of what may be covered depending on your organisation type

Krishani AramaduraEducation Cleaning

School cleaning and childcare cleaning services will cover the general cleaning of surfaces, floors and shared spaces where groups gather. Pre-emptive surface disinfection is recommended, as cleaning alone is not enough to effectively kill harmful viruses and bacteria that can spread illness. Both cleaning and disinfection will be important considerations for a hygienic learning environment.

Office & Retail Cleaning

Business cleaning can vary depending on the type of business. Office cleaning may include the foyer and shared spaces such as kitchens and break rooms, and at the larger scale may include a detailed plan working with property and facilities management. Meanwhile, retail cleaning focuses on providing a clean and presentable environment for shoppers and staff which can demand sparkling floors, mirrors and countertops.


Medical Cleaning

Cleaning SafetyMedical cleaning is a very specific area within commercial cleaning, and you are likely to have compliance requirements to meet with the goal to keep patients, staff and visitors safe. It’s essential that your medical cleaners like AMC work with you closely to understand how your hospital or practice runs on a daily basis, so the right areas will be cleaned at the right frequency for minimised risk of infection. Compliance is also an important consideration with aged care cleaning services, and any reputable provider will develop a customised plan to help you meet the Aged Care Quality Standards and provide your best level of care.

Industrial Cleaning

There really are no ‘standard’ inclusions for industrial cleaning, as the requirements for every factory or warehouse can be very different. You may require specialist industrial cleaners for hazardous clean-up, or perhaps you require your commercial cleaners to clean and polish very large areas of floor space multiple times per week. The key to success is working with a cleaning provider who’ll take the time to develop a cleaning plan that meets your unique needs, build specific KPIs from this, and have quality management processes in place to ensure they’re met.

If you’re searching for personalised and proven cleaning services that are tailored to your needs in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, South Australia or WA, contact AMC Commercial Cleaning today.
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