Best Time for Commercial Office Cleaning in Sydney & Melbourne

What is the Best Time of Day for Commercial Cleaning?

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Scheduled regular cleaning helps you provide a clean, safe work environment and always put your best foot forward when it comes to customer experiences. So what time of day should you schedule your Melbourne or Sydney commercial cleaning for the best outcome? Let’s consider the different options and which might suit your business best.

First, let’s look at:

After-Hours Cleaning

Businesses of all kinds use after hours cleaning, including many in the Sydney and Melbourne CBD.
Your cleaning team arrives after your employees have left for the day, and sets to work cleaning, tidying and sanitising.

The Advantages: After hours cleaning allows cleaners to work efficiently and to address any spills or stains soon after they happen.
Your cleaners can lock up if they’re the last to leave the building, and you’ll have a fresh start waiting for you every morning.

Considerations: If you have employees who frequently work late into the evening, it could be worth considering how vacuuming might disturb their focus.
It’s easy to schedule your office cleaning service a little later in this case, or alternatively in the early mornings.

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Before Hours Cleaning

For many organisations, it makes sense to schedule before hours cleaning just ahead of business hours. This can work well for Melbourne and Sydney office cleaning as well as retail, venues and other busy CBD premises. You can arrange to have cleaners carry out noisier tasks like cleaning or polishing before staff and visitors arrive, and then carry on with quieter cleaning work throughout the morning.

The Advantages: A commercial clean before work can be ideal if your business operates into late night hours, such as an entertainment or wedding venue. Early cleaning is also a great chance to ensure everything is spick and span for the day ahead, even if employees have worked late.

Considerations: Before hours cleaning might not suit so well if people arrive early, such as to a childcare office or café. In this case you could schedule your childcare cleaning services in Melbourne after hours or during operational hours.

Cleaning in Low-Traffic Hours

If it’s impractical to schedule your commercial cleaning outside of work hours, the best time could be during low-activity periods throughout the day.

This can work just as well for cleaning office buildings, say during lunch breaks, as it can for schools and universities during classes. Cleaners can carry out their duties with a professional approach and minimal disturbance.

The Advantages: Cleaning during work hours suits premises where constant cleanliness is a must, such as medical offices and clinics.

It’s also a great option to keep premises looking perfect at all times, such as high-end retail in CBD locations.

Considerations: Your organisation might have requirements around privacy and/or safety, which is why it’s so important to find a trusted and certified cleaning company for your commercial cleaning in Melbourne or Sydney.

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Find the Cleaning Company & Schedule to Suit your Business

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