Things You Need to Consider for Large Office Cleaning

What Do You Need to Consider for Large Office Cleaning?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Large offices, head offices, call centres and employment hubs all host large numbers of staff, so there are a few things to be mindful of when assessing and optimising the quality of your current cleaning services. The benefits to be found are healthier staff, better productivity and a more pleasant workplace all round!

Important factors for large office cleaning services

If you have one hundred or more staff at your premises in NSW, Victoria or elsewhere in Australia, consider the following important factors for large offices and how these apply for your cleaning requirements.

How often shared spaces are attended to

Large offices and work premises can have a range of shared spaces, from meeting rooms and break areas to staff kitchens and bathrooms. It’s important to have a cleaning plan that specifically accounts for and attends to these shared spaces regularly. It’s also important that entryways and foyers ‘feel the love’ from your office cleaning company too, because these areas provide a first impression for your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Adequate pre-emptive disinfection services

Shared surfaces can be common transmission risk for all sorts of illnesses, from the common flu to SARS-CoV-2. Surface disinfection with the correct products works to not only remove physical grime, but also to chemically kill bacteria, viruses and other germs. Your cleaning plan should outline the sanitisation plan for commonly touched surfaces such as lift buttons, door handles and light switches. In line with Australian COVID-19 cleaning guidelines, your office disinfection service should optimally be using disinfectant manufactured for antiviral activity.

An accurate cleaning schedule

How often should you be scheduling your corporate cleaning and disinfection services? This will depend on your business type, its proximity to other services and the way the premises are used. If your workforce is returning to work after social restrictions you might want to increase the frequency of your weekly cleaning. If you share a building space with a healthcare or pathology service, as another example, you might have your commercial cleaning company clean shared surfaces daily. It’s also important to consider any compliance requirements that apply for your industry and factor these into your cleaning plan.

Reviewing your commercial cleaning in Sydney and beyond

It can be difficult to know whether your cleaning plan is delivering all your business needs. In this case, it helps to speak with an experienced office cleaning service in Melbourne, Sydney or your local area in Australia.

AMC Commercial Cleaning Australia

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