Link Between Medical Cleaning & Patient-Centred Care

The Vital Link Between Medical Cleaning and Patient-Centred Care in Victoria

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

Whether in a medical clinic, dental clinic or a pathology lab, patient-centred care aims to align healthcare services with each patient’s expectations of care. This involves an active partnership between a patient and their family, carers and service providers to collaborate on optimal outcomes.

So how does healthcare facility cleaning factor into this relationship?

The link between patient-centred care and quality medical cleaning in Melbourne?

Patient-centred care involves high levels of respect and trust, and the condition of a healthcare environment plays a pivotal role in establishing both of these qualities. Consider the patient’s perspective as they enter a medical centre in Melbourne, whether this be for a blood test, appointment, day surgery or major procedure.

They may well have the opportunity – and the waiting time – to notice:

  • Whether rooms and corridors seem clean and sanitised

  • Whether rubbish bins are being cleared regularly

  • Whether high-risk surfaces seem frequently or infrequently cleaned

  • How often medical cleaning teams are working in the environment

  • How these cleaning teams interact with staff & patients: be it with extra care or with indifference.

Obviously medical cleaning is a complex process, and many steps such as specialist surface disinfection take place ‘behind the scenes’ rather than in front of patients. While the above indicators may only account for a small part of your facility’s cleaning protocol, patients may look to these visible factors to assess whether they can really trust and respect their healthcare provider. In this way, an overflowing bin can directly relate to the quality and outcomes of your patient-centred care.

Why your medical cleaners matter for patient satisfaction

Patients’ overall satisfaction with a healthcare environment correlates directly with their satisfaction with cleanliness, as evidenced in research from Gallup. Any signs of poor cleaning quality can easily detract from an otherwise satisfying hospital stay. It’s vital that your commercial cleaners in Victoria not only exceed meticulous cleaning regulations for compliance, but also deliver on the patient-facing elements too. Your medical cleaners should care, to support your care.
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