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The Amazing Hannah & The Winning Attitude

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Born in Taiwan, Hannah Chiu came to Australia in 2013 for a break from her fast pace Customer Service job in Taiwan and to study English. She originally intended to stay for 10 months but fell in love with our beautiful country and lifestyle and decided to stay and make it her home.

To support herself during the years of study, Hannah joined the AMC family and worked as a cleaner on a part-time basis. A year later, she started working full-time and has not looked back since.

Hannah’s customers consistently complement her on her positive attitude and her good natured personality:

Hannah and Gary has been providing cleaning services to IMDEX since 2014.  Hannah does an incredible job at our Balcatta offices and regularly goes above and beyond to make sure that the office looks great and is clean when we start a new day.  Not only is Hannah great at what she does, she is also a wonderful human who is so helpful, kind, as well as having the patience of a Saint.

Hannah is a perfect blend of professional courtesy, focused hard work and is flexible and accommodating.  I think the fact that Hannah has continued to provide services to IMDEX for over six years now is a true representation of what a fantastic job she does and how highly valued she is by IMDEX.

From all of us here at IMDEX a big thanks, you are very much appreciated.

Tara Mitchell | Executive Assistant/Facilities Manager

Hannah’s day typically starts with an early morning shift from 6.00  to 8.00am. This then allows her the freedom to do the things she enjoys like keeping fit, indulging in her hobbies which includes collecting bone china antique pieces. Hannah is also a fully qualified ecologist, so it is no surprise that part of the day is spent tending her enviable plant collection before gearing up for her evening work shifts.

Hannah is passionate about everything she does and this translate in the way she approaches work and commits to her clients.

‘I love the relationship I have with my clients. I have been with some of them from the time I started and have had the privilege to watch their business evolve and feel sometimes that I have been in a small way, part of their journey.’ Hannah confides.

Hannah, we think you are an amazing being and words cannot express how we feel about you.

Thank you.