Summer Checklist for Commercial Office Cleaning in Melbourne

The Summer Checklist for Commercial and Office Cleaning in Melbourne

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Whether your workplace is in Glen Waverley, St Kilda, Moorabbin, Blackburn, Mt. Waverley, Tullamarine, Dandenong or elsewhere in Melbourne, consider these easy tips this summer for a bright and welcoming workplace.


Check in with your Commercial Cleaning Team

Your Site Supervisor and Customer Service Manager should already be in regular contact with you to ensure no cleaning detail is missed, but the start of the year is also an ideal time to check in and talk about whether your regular cleaning services are meeting your needs. Do you plan to change from monthly cleaning to weekly cleaning? Or perhaps your cleaning requirements have changed to meet new compliance details.

Whether it’s for school cleaning, medical cleaning, childcare cleaning or office cleaning in Melbourne, a simple conversation can ensure every cleaning KPI will be met.

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Focus Priorities for your Cleaning Services in Melbourne

There’s something to be said for a start-of-year declutter while everyone’s feeling energised. If you’re in an office, encourage everyone to tidy up their workspace so keyboards and desk surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Take a moment to book in any additional cleaning services you might need for the year ahead, such as steam cleaning carpets or upholstery. And if some staff are still on holiday, this can be an ideal time to book in deep cleaning for break rooms and other high-traffic spaces while these are temporarily quieter.

Give some Attention to Windows, Screens and Air Quality

Summer is the prime time to open the blinds and let the light and fresh air in.

It’s also a great time to schedule window cleaning to ensure every view is a sparkling one.

Dust can build up on shutters and blinds over the summer break, so cleaning teams will be attending to these to keep them clear.

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And if you haven’t already, summer can be a great opportunity to clean conditioning vents or ducts so that internal air will be fresh year-round.

To Sum Up

A few extra summer considerations can give a boost to your regular cleaning and make your workplace enjoyable for all. We’re here to help at AMC, and if you’d like to discuss your commercial cleaning in Melbourne you can reach out to our team at any time.

From St Kilda and Glen Waverley to Tullamarine, Dandenong and beyond, we’re on hand to help with your workplace cleaning needs with the highest level of care.

And if you’re looking for a new challenge this year, you could explore the opportunities with your own cleaning franchise in Melbourne or across Australia. We offer training, support and guaranteed customers in a range of locations.