Compliance for Medical & Childcare Cleaning in Australia

Maintaining Compliance for Australian Medical & Childcare Cleaning

Friday, April 26th, 2024

Both medical and childcare facilities are bustling spaces, centred around providing the highest quality care. And at the heart of that great care?

Maintaining a spotlessly clean, hygienic environment in line with compliance requirements. You know that these hygiene and safety requirements are essential for the health and wellbeing of patients, children, staff and visitors. So how can you be assured that your facilities are constantly up to scratch according to state and national standards? You use a competent medical cleaning company that understands best practice cleaning for Australian facilities.

Exceeding the Exacting Standards for Medical Centre Cleaning

Without meticulous hygiene, healthcare and medical facilities run a higher risk of hosting transmissible illnesses. After all – these settings see their fair share of unwell people, and can even be at the frontline for novel infections.

In Australia, health service organisations are required to maintain a clean, safe and hygienic environment in line with the current edition of the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.

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Medical Cleaning

These guidelines cover everything from hand hygiene and personal protective equipment, to waste management and the appropriate selection of cleaning solutions. As just one example – understanding the differences (and interactions) between enzymatic cleaners and disinfectants is essential in medical cleaning.

Whether you’re in general practice or running a specialist medical facility, you’ll need a cleaning team that understands these details and speaks the same language as you when setting out a tailored plan for your medical centre cleaning. This is why medical cleaning is a dedicated, specialist service in Australia.

Maintaining Compliance for Childcare Cleaning

In childcare, daycare and after school care centres there could be ample opportunity for pathogens to spread without appropriate hygiene practices in place.

Australia’s National Quality Standard (NQS) lays out the rules for cleanliness, hygiene and infection control in childcare settings. From sanitising nappy change areas to disinfecting toys, there is a lot to keep on top of. That’s why partnering with well-informed childcare commercial cleaning services is essential.

For example, at AMC Commercial Cleaning we’ve designed our cleaning and disinfection programme to align with state and national requirements. This, combined with a site-specific cleaning plan, ensures that your preschool and day care cleaning as well as childcare office cleaning is reliably safe, effective and compliance-ready.

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Find a Qualified Provider for your Business Cleaning Needs

Healthcare and childcare organisations essentially face the same key requirement every day: to provide a clean and hygienic space where people come first and pathogens don’t stand a chance. Whether you require day hospital cleaning, or commercial cleaning services for childcare, finding the right professional cleaning company is key.

AMC Commercial Cleaning has you covered, with sector-specific cleaning teams across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and beyond. Contact us any time for a quote – we’d love to speak about how we can keep your facility 100% sparkling and compliant.

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And if you’re feeling entrepreneurial and want to get started with your own medical or childcare cleaning franchise, AMC can help you make your move with in-depth training and support. Read more about our franchise opportunities.