Medical Cleaning Terms in Healthcare Facilities in Melbourne

Important Medical Cleaning Terms in Melbourne Healthcare

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Using the right terminology helps to ensure that high standards are understood and met, and that patients, staff and visitors will be interacting in a safe and hygienic environment.

So which terms are important to know? Below are some of the key terms when it comes to medical facility cleaning, medical practice cleaning and other healthcare cleaning.

What Exactly is Cleaning?

It might seem an overly simple question but it’s always worth clarifying what cleaning, also referred to as environmental cleaning, means in a healthcare context. While cleaning typically refers to the physical removal of dirt, dust, body fluids and/or germs from surfaces, it may not always include the critical step of disinfection. When you’re working with a reputable commercial cleaning company like AMC, we will always stipulate that we will follow up surface cleaning with an essential step two: disinfection.

What is Disinfection?

Disinfection is a chemical process which kills 99.9% of microscopic organisms living on a surface. It’s an absolutely essential step in a healthcare environment, whether for a hospital, a doctor’s surgery or a community health centre. This is because disinfection plays a large part in controlling and preventing the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Your cleaning service should be routinely carrying out pre-emptive disinfection services using hospital grade disinfectant, including targeted disinfection for high-risk areas.

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What is Terminal Cleaning?

Terminal cleaning is also known as post contamination cleaning. This is a specialised type of cleaning that takes place in a physical environment where an infectious patient has been treated or staying.

This may be any type of infectious disease, from COVID-19 to MRSA, and attention to detail is vital. Crucially, the process of post contamination cleaning and disinfection works to eliminates the risk of that infection being spread to another person. Which leads us to infection control.

What is Infection Control?

Anyone working in a healthcare setting will understand the importance of infection control, which is a broad discipline aimed at preventing and stopping the spread of infection. Infection control measures can range from using quality PPE, to training all staff in contamination control, to working with an experienced cleaning company to ensure surfaces are adequately cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Infection control in a healthcare setting is only as strong as the weakest link, which is why contamination training and care within your cleaning team can matter just as much as within medical teams. It’s why we ensure our medical cleaners have comprehensive training, equipment and expertise.

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Finding Capable, Detail-Focused Medical Cleaners

Not all commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and Victoria will provide cleaning at the high standard that medical facilities demand. AMC Commercial Cleaning provides the proven quality management processes and experience to deliver a consistently excellent standard in medical cleaning. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and quote, whether you require after hours medical cleaning or comprehensive hospital cleaning teams.