How We Clean and Care for Local Healthcare Facilities in Australia

How We Clean and Care for Local Healthcare Facilities

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

How do we ensure we deliver an accurate, effective clean for these small health service organisations at AMC Commercial Cleaning? Here are the essential elements for healthcare facility cleaning.

Staff Training?

Staff training must be an absolute priority for any commercial cleaning company that works in the medical space. We deliver thorough training to each AMC medical facility cleaning franchise to ensure all of our medical cleaning teams are educated across:

  • Infection prevention and control processes
  • The correct use of cleaning equipment
  • The correct handling and storage of cleaning solutions, and
  • The correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

This training not only supports a thorough cleaning process, but it also maximises safety for staff, patients and the public each and every day.

Cleaning Equipment

Yes, a mop is a mop – but the importance of cleaning equipment goes far beyond this. We ensure cleaning equipment is high quality and in good working order; clearly label cleaning solutions; and ensure any single-use items are correctly disposed of immediately after use. Using the correct cleaning solution at the right dilution is also essential. This ensures chemicals are not overused, whilst also ensuring that pathogens are physically removed and chemically eliminated.

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Site and Zone Specific Cleaning

Day hospital cleaning, family practice cleaning and medical centre cleaning may seem similar to the average layperson – but each site can have extremely different requirements. Pathogens transmit differently in a waiting room than they might in a doctor’s consulting room, and different again in a surgery. We begin with a detailed cleaning plan that sets out specific zones, cleaning KPIs and appropriate cleaning frequencies. Then, we work with our clients to adjust cleaning as and when needed: for example, if there’s a requirement for post-contamination cleaning.

Record-Keeping and Quality Management

Maintaining cleaning records is an important consideration for small health service organisations throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. We are in continual communication with our healthcare clients, reporting on cleaning schedules and maintaining our robust quality management structure to ensure the highest standards are met with every clean.

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Arranging Medical Cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane

Finding the right healthcare cleaner is essential, but it can also be a difficult search to find a provider who cares at the same level as your healthcare practice. AMC Commercial Cleaning is proud to deliver cleaning and care at an exemplary level. Contact us today to arrange an obligation-free consultation for your medical clinic or practice in Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane today.