Performance Metrics Drive Cleaning Excellence in Adelaide

How Performance Metrics Drive Cleaning Excellence in South Australia

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

How do we ensure our commercial cleaning services deliver impressive results across vastly different workplaces in Adelaide and South Australia? Of course, one aspect is finding the right amazing people in each local area. But another critical part of elevating and maintaining those very high cleaning standards is performance metrics.

What are Performance Metrics?

Performance metrics are data that indicate how well a particular process or team is functioning. These metrics can be incredibly detailed, but we also use them at a broader scale using key performance indicators, or KPIs. KPIs help ensure that we’re truly delivering in line with our purpose.

At AMC Commercial Cleaning, this means assessing metrics across five essential areas, or pillars of quality: satisfaction, service, simplicity, safety and sustainability. Here’s what that actually looks like in practice.

Satisfaction We assess our satisfaction qualities through KPIs such as logged arrival times, on-site audits and reports, monthly reviews and satisfaction surveys.

ServiceWe assess our service qualities through KPIs such as maintaining a 24-hour replacement time, meeting attendance, supervision and client satisfaction.

Simplicity We assess our simplicity qualities through KPIs such as transparent and accurate pricing, always-on-time invoicing, and our number of new and renewed initiatives.

SafetyWe assess our safety qualities through KPIs such as equipment tests and tags, SDS sheets, insurance certificates, WHS standards, good governance, police clearances and other security checks.

Sustainbility We assess our sustainability qualities through KPIs such as annual targets for waste, water and energy use, and other measurements via our AMC Environment Management Plan.



Managing and Improving Using Metrics

The management consultant Peter Drucker famously once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” When it comes to commercial cleaning, measuring our quality via these KPIs and other detailed metrics helps us to clearly see where we’re excelling – and where we should focus our attention next. This is how we truly elevate our standards across the board. This also means whether you require office cleaning, aged care cleaning, medical cleaning, childcare cleaning or school cleaning, warehouse cleaning, or industrial cleaning services, you can expect the same excellent level of service, care and quality. This applies even across highly specialised cleaning areas, and no matter which AMC cleaning franchise you work alongside.

Find Transparent, Accountable Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide & South Australia

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