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What Does a COVID-Safe Office Look like in 2021?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

According to a 2021 independent study commissioned by Dyson, 68% of Australian office workers are significantly more concerned about hygiene at work than they were before the pandemic. 63% have been wary about returning to the office following lockdowns. So what can be done? Let’s explore the key measures, from adequate ventilation and workplace measures to specialist office cleaning in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Regular Office Cleaning

Regular office cleaning at least 2-3 times per week has always been an important aspect of maintaining a healthy workplace. If you want to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses to help employees stay healthy and minimise downtime, you’ll need have a plan in place for professional commercial cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland several times per week. Your office cleaning provider will ideally begin with a site-specific cleaning plan, to outline priority areas and cleaning frequency.

Specialist Surface Disinfection

Of course, in a busy office it’s also important to consider pre-emptive disinfection services. A specialist office disinfection service will target high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, light switches and counter tops. These are cleaned and disinfected regularly using a disinfectant that claims antiviral activity. In rare situations where surface disinfection services cannot be carried out, your commercial cleaners should be able to provide fogging disinfection as an alternative.

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Improved Ventilation

The World Health Organization has referred to ventilation as a key factor for workplace safety as the Delta variant spreads. Ventilation can be improved in office spaces either through natural or mechanical ventilation, and it’s suggested that air filtration be used as much as possible as long as it doesn’t significantly diminish air flow. If possible, windows are best left open to allow a fresh cycle of outside air. As well as booking your office cleaners, be sure to book your HVAC specialist for regular servicing of these systems.

Workplace Measures

There are a number of common-sense ways to minimise infection risks in the workplace, in addition to office cleaning services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Queensland. A hand hygiene policy reminds everyone to cover their coughs and wash hands thoroughly. You might also consider installing screens or changing office layouts to support social distancing guidelines. It’s worth noting that teams working in open-plan office spaces can have up to 12% more absence due to sickness – which is not good news for employees nor the organisation!

A professional commercial cleaning company in Brisbane, Queensland and on the Gold Coast can play an important role in reassuring and protecting your office employees. AMC Commercial Cleaning provides pre-emptive and post contamination cleaning across a diverse range of industries, including childcare, agedcare and healthcare. You can be confident we clean and disinfect according to meticulous Quality Standards. Contact us today to arrange office cleaning in Brisbane Queensland and the Gold Coast, or speak with us about starting your commercial cleaning franchise with the very best people and training.