Three Commercial Cleaning Trends in 2023 for Australia

Three Australian Commercial Cleaning Trends to Know About in 2023

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Just as modern workplaces and the wider world have been changing at a rapid pace, commercial cleaning services have also been adapting in a number of ways. How so? We’ve identified three key cleaning trends occurring in Sydney and Melbourne as well as Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and surrounds. It could be worth considering each of these trends as you assess your organisation’s cleaning outcomes and services in 2023!

Outsourcing to the experts

The pandemic has ushered in a new level of respect for cleaning as a true area of expertise. As a society we’ve gained an extra appreciation for how harmful pathogens and contaminants can linger – many times unseen – in workplaces and shared spaces. This may explain why there’s been more outsourcing to professional cleaning providers like AMC: be it for compliance-ready medical cleaning, or keeping offices hygienic with deep cleans and pre-emptive surface disinfection.

Some organisations are choosing to engage professional cleaning services for the first time to take advantage of specialist cleaning knowledge. As you might know already, there can be a significant difference in cleaning outcomes with a professional commercial clean in Melbourne or Sydney.

Green cleaning

Many sectors are looking for ways to minimise their impact on the planet, and this includes their choice of commercial cleaning providers. Whether you’re arranging cleaning services for your school, medical practice or industrial facility, you may have already noticed the shift towards more environmentally conscious cleaning.

Here at AMC, greener decisions are not new. For years, we’ve been very intentional about our choice of cleaning supplies and quality equipment, using the correct application of cleaning solutions, and implementing green initiatives across our organisation. If you’re in the midst of looking for a new cleaning company, be sure to ask about the company’s environmental responsibility measures – and importantly, how these are actually implemented.

Industry and site-specific cleaning

Organisations are recognising that simply getting cleaners in might not be enough for true cleanliness and hygiene. It’s essential to engage cleaners who have the correct training and equipment for your sector and site. For example: cleaners for office buildings will have a different approach than if you’re engaging an aged care cleaning company, which again will look very different to education facility cleaning. Even within a sector like education, school cleaning and childcare cleaning services should offer unique site-specific cleaning plans – as every facility is built differently. Each unique building on a site should also have its own cleaning requirements to be met, as there may be different high-touch surfaces to regularly disinfect, different shared spaces that are used in different ways, and different consumables such as liquid soap for cleaning teams to replenish.
As with AMC, a tailored site plan is most effective when backed up by a dedicated site supervisor and customer service manager to ensure KPIs are met and questions are answered.

Industry specific commercial cleaning

office cleaning services

Finding quality commercial cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond

Whether you are searching for qualified medical cleaners, a new office cleaning team or specialist industrial cleaners, there is one simple first point of contact. AMC Commercial Cleaning has experienced teams in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. You can contact us at any time for an obligation-free consultation and quote that’s tailored to your site.

And if you happen to be looking for a cleaning business for sale or a new business idea, speak with the team today about getting started with your own AMC cleaning business franchise. We provide quality training and support to give a solid start for every commercial and office cleaning franchise.