Commercial Cleaning Standards for Large Offices in Melbourne

How to Assure Commercial Cleaning Standards for Large Offices in Melbourne

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

Large office cleaning in Melbourne demands a thoughtful approach. If you manage facilities for a complex office space or multiple offices in Melbourne, you’ll know it can be tricky to organise and maintain high cleaning standards. With so many moving parts, how can you ensure offices, kitchens, bathrooms and other high-traffic spaces are consistently kept clean? Here are some of the ways you can guarantee reliable and thorough office cleaning.


Find a Melbourne Cleaning Company with High Capabilities

When you have large or complex premises to clean, bring in the heavyweights. Cleaning teams that are only equipped for small office cleaning in Melbourne may not have adequate training, experience, personnel or equipment to be able to capably clean large premises. Instead, look to professional office cleaning providers that have documented experience and customer recommendations in cleaning for big name brands and corporate head offices.

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Expect a Site-Specific Cleaning Plan

A reputable professional cleaning company will begin with an in-depth analysis of your site and business requirements, then develop a site-specific cleaning plan to suit. As we do for our clients, this should include specific KPIs that set out key details and expectations for cleaning teams. Your cleaning plan should also detail scheduling to suit your business and hours of operation. This might include a combination of daily cleaning for high-traffic areas and surfaces, and monthly or weekly cleaning for deep-clean requirements.

Look for Indicators of Quality in Business Cleaning

There are some other strong indicators of reputable office cleaning services that can help to ensure consistent, high-quality cleaning results. These indicators can include:

  • Well-documented quality control processes
  • Site supervisors to audit and check cleaning outcomes
  • Dedicated points of contact, such as a Customer Service Manager, and
  • Certifications for key areas such as environmental management, safety and quality.
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Not only do these factors reflect a professional approach and respect for high-capacity requirements; but they can also ensure any unlikely issues with your commercial clean will be rectified quickly and with a well-structured escalation process.

Consider AMC for High-Capacity Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria

If you’re currently looking into high-capacity commercial cleaning in Melbourne city or elsewhere in Victoria, consider AMC Commercial Cleaning. With teams located across Australia and New Zealand, we have the expertise and processes in place to assure a high level of care and attention for your premises. You can request a quote today to arrange an obligation-free proposal for your organisation.

Alternatively, are you looking to get started with your own cleaning business franchise? The AMC family offers commercial cleaning franchise opportunities with a unique level of support, complete with training and guaranteed clients. You can learn more here if you’re interested in becoming a franchisee.