Thank you to our cleaners


Friday, March 27th, 2020

Cleaners are on the front-line fighting to flatten the curve. While our nation goes into lock-downs and self-isolation, these cleaners are willing to brave the risks of contamination.

By nature, cleaners never seek attention or acknowledgement for their work. More often, they are called-up when something is wrong. Less often when all is great. Their work is often taken for granted. Their jobs are to be performed discreetly and typically during non-working hours. They are the unsung heroes who have kept us healthy and safe every day.

Today, they are in the eye of the storm.

They too have families – children, aged parents, disabled and the sick to care. They too must plan for food and provisions in case of self-isolation. They too carry the fears of loss of income and livelihood as businesses are forced to shut down. Many of them are immigrants who have chosen cleaning as a profession to start their lives in Australia to provide a better quality of education for their children.

Jason has been a cleaner for 26 years. This week he has worked 84 hours, responding to emergency bio-cleans and sanitising spaces for essential workers.

“It can be very scary cleaning my clients’ sites in times like these. I do it because I want people to be safe and feel comforted that I have provided a germ-free environment for them. I also do it to support my clients.” says Jason. “We all need to work together to bring change, and I’m proud to be a cleaner and to help where I can”

As for safety of his family, Jason is taking extra precautions for his own hand hygiene, social-distancing, sanitization of his own equipment and gear.

“I stay at work to save my customers’ businesses. They are my family and friends too”.


All Cleaners everywhere. We are humbled by their commitment to protect us at this time. Its time to show our appreciation. Please share this post and add your supportive thoughts for cleaners on the fore-front.

Kristie Coade is one of Australia’s youngest Chief Executive Officers. Having joined the family's facilities management business in 2007, Kristie rose from the ranks of AMC Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd – from Telesales to Business Development and then on to the challenge as General Manager tasked with the turnaround of AMC South Australia in 2012. On the back of a successful performance of growth, the Gen Y of 26, became COO in 2015. Today, with over 10 years of experience behind her, Kristie heads the $70m cleaning and facilities management business spread across Australia and New Zealand, giving leadership to over 500 operatives and 2500 colleagues devoted to meticulous cleaning and care to provide healthy, hygienic and safe work environments every day.