AMC Commercial Cleaning Indigenous Scholarship 2019

AMC Indigenous Scholarship 2019

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

AMC Commercial Cleaning

On Monday 20th May we launched the 2019 AMC Indigenous scholarship program for the second straight year in conjunction with the St Kilda Football Club. The program aims to build strong career and life pathways for young indigenous footballers and guide them through their final years of school.

In addition to the scholarship program, this year also saw the launch of our inaugural AMC indigenous cadetship which gives the lucky recipient valuable work experience at St Kilda Football Club and AMC Commercial Cleaning.

AMC’s National Sales Manager, Matthew Kaneda-Hession, welcomed all the scholarship recipients on the evening and spoke of the continuing relationship between AMC and St Kilda, detailing the fantastic opportunities we’re creating together in the local community, “for AMC to be part of the indigenous program is extremely important. We have been involved now for two years and we certainly love to give back to our indigenous community.”

Former St Kilda footballer and scholarship ambassador, Allan Murray spoke of the pride of seeing the program thrive in its second year, “It’s great to see so many Aboriginal people in the one room. It’s been a long time for the footy club to get into this space and be proud of where we’re going with our journey today.”

Murray stressed that it was important “for the players to share their journey and talk about how sometimes things don’t go to plan.”

The launch of our scholarship program coincided with the beginning of National Reconciliation Week. A week that gives the community the chance to learn more about our shared history and cultures, while also contributing to ongoing reconciliation in Australia.

The AFL has honoured this with their own round celebrating indigenous players and culture naming this Sir Doug Nicholls round.


Miles Rodriquez