Cultural Camps for Aboriginal Youth - VACCA - AMC Partnership

VACCA and AMC Commercial Cleaning for the future of cultural camps for Aboriginal youth.

Monday, December 11th, 2023

Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency

VACCA’s (Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency) cultural camp program provides Aboriginal young people with an opportunity to learn about their culture, connect with their community, and develop their leadership skills. The program provides a safe and supportive space for Aboriginal young people to participate in cultural traditions, develop a sense of belonging and strengthen their connections to culture, Country and community.

“Many of our cultural programs don’t receive government funding and are reliant on support from our donors and partner organisations to continue. Partnerships with organisations like AMC enable us to continue to provide vital cultural supports, like our camps, to young people” says Muriel Bamblett, VACCA CEO.VACCA Youth at camp

“We know that when Aboriginal children and young people have the opportunity to connect to their culture and community, and develop a strong sense of identity and belonging, we achieve better outcomes” Ms Bamblett continued.

VACCA is the state’s leading Aboriginal child and family services organisation. VACCA has protected and promoted the rights of Aboriginal children, young people and families for more than 45 years, delivering more than 70 programs across Victoria including child and family services, family violence, support for stolen generations, child protection, cultural strengthening programs, mental health, justice and redress support, early years and homelessness services in support of culturally strong, safe and thriving Aboriginal communities.

“We had the honour of welcoming VACCA to our National Operation Conference earlier this month in Melbourne. When we invited VACCA, we knew we were going to learn something meaningful, what we did not expect was to be blown away by their work” said Kristie Coade CEO of AMC Commercial Cleaning.VACCA at the AMC Operations Management Conference

AMC has thrived for over three and a half decades, welcoming staff and stakeholders from diverse corners of the world into our family business. We wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures that represent our strength.” continues Kristie Coade. “Inspired by VACCA’s remarkable work, we’ve learned to extend our intentions beyond words, making a tangible and positive impact on the lives of Australia’s First Nations people”.

AMC Commercial Cleaning take part in the Toy Drive for VACCA’s Christmas Gift Appeal for children in out-of-home care, Dec 2023.

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