5 Workplaces in Perth where Professional Cleaning is Vital

5 Workplaces where Communal Area Cleaning is Vital

Friday, May 19th, 2023

The cleanliness of communal areas like kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies and corridors can have a profound impact on staff health, morale and productivity.

There’s barely a workplace in Sydney and Melbourne that wouldn’t benefit from commercial cleaning when it comes to maintaining hygienic shared spaces. If you’re in any of the below workplaces in Victoria or NSW, it’s vital to have a capable cleaning team and cleaning plan in place. To ensure the health and safety of your team, you’ll want a cleaning company you can rely on.


1.   Medical facilities

A medical or healthcare team could have the most exacting adherence to hygiene protocols – but if they have grimy or germ-ridden break rooms, then all that hard work could be for nought. Meticulous medical cleaning in Sydney and Melbourne is an absolute must to ensure shared healthcare spaces such as break rooms, on-call rooms, waiting rooms and reception areas are sanitary. A reliable working relationship with medical cleaners in Melbourne can help to ensure your healthcare facilities are safe places where healing and recovery can take place.


2.   Schools and childcare centres

With busy families coming and going, and staff interacting every day, it’s so important that the shared spaces of educational facilities are kept clean and safe. Childcare cleaning services can help to maintain hygienic playrooms and minimise the spread of illness amongst young and vulnerable children. Meanwhile, school cleaners diligently clean and disinfect classrooms, staffrooms, teacher lounges and offices. Learning can be messy, but the right school and childcare cleaning in Sydney and Melbourne can ensure every day starts with fresh and clean surroundings.

3.   Offices and high rise buildings

Cleaning an office doesn’t just come down to cleaning individual desks – it requires consideration of every common space in these busy environments. A dirty or unhygienic office space could deter clients, bring down staff morale, and let sickness run rampant with impacts on wellbeing and productivity. Office cleaning services in Melbourne or Sydney help to maintain a clean, professional office environment, where a visit to any conference room, break room or bathroom is a pleasant experience. Capable office cleaners in Melbourne will develop a personalised plan to ensure everything from corner cobwebs to dust bunnies and germs are kept at bay.

Healthy, happy residents and healthy, happy staff are the priority in any aged care setting, but any outbreaks of illness or infections can have a profound effect for those with vulnerable health. You can protect your residents and staff with meticulous, frequent aged care cleaning services. Important shared spaces to consider will include lounge areas, dining rooms, kitchens, visitor rooms and nursing stations. Any reputable aged care cleaning company will recommend the frequent cleaning and disinfecting of shared surfaces like countertops and handrails, and carrying out periodic deep cleans including the steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

5.   Industrial and manufacturing workplaces

Manufacturing and industrial workplaces can often include large teams of people who interact with one another in break rooms, locker rooms and bathrooms. This is why it’s important not to only consider industrial cleaning for the smooth operation of machinery and supply chains, but also cleaning and disinfection to maintain staff wellbeing. Cleaners sanitise office spaces, washrooms and other communal spaces so that sickness can only spread so far. Be sure to check that your cleaner company is experienced in these larger workspaces – as we are at AMC – as these places can require a high level of organisation.

Find a dependable cleaning company today

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