Increase Your Business Productivity by Commercial Cleaning Services

4 Ways Commercial Cleaning can Support Your Business Productivity

Friday, May 27th, 2022

If you’re looking to support the wellbeing of everyone in your workforce, then engaging commercial cleaning services can be one of the simplest (yet most effective) steps you can take in optimising business productivity.

The links between productivity and commercial cleaning services

Here are four big reasons why productivity and a high standard of cleaning go hand in hand.

Fewer Sick Days

The last thing any business needs is for half its team to be off sick because the latest lurgy has arrived. Now more than ever, there’s every reason to minimise the spread of illness in the workplace. Professional cleaners such as ours can pinpoint key transmission points like door handles, desks and light switches, then carry out specialist surface disinfection on a regular basis to help break the chain of infection.

Safer Work Environments

The safer your teams are, the more productive they can be. With regular professional cleaning in your workplace, there’s less dust to trigger asthma and allergies. Environments are kept calm and clean, which can help in minimising workplace stress and anxiety. Having consistently clean floors, surfaces and work environments can also lessen the chance of workplace accidents and injuries. Meanwhile, specific cleaning services such as industrial cleaning or medical cleaning can be crucial in managing industry-relevant risks and hazards.

Improved Workplace Morale

When staff arrive a clean and hygienic working environment, it’s a clear sign that their employer cares about their wellbeing. Supporting employees to carry out their work safely is an essential building block for positive workplace morale, which in turn lifts productivity. This can be particularly important where employees are also caregivers, such as with school cleaning, childcare cleaning and aged care cleaning.

Better Staff Retention

You’ll no doubt know that staff turnover can have a serious impact on productivity. There’s the lost time in finding the right new talent, training them and getting them up to speed in their new role. This is exactly why businesses must do all they can to keep great talent on board. A clean, welcoming and positive work environment is great news for employee engagement. In this way, effective cleaning by professional cleaning businesses could directly support your staff retention rates!

Arranging commercial business cleaning in NSW, WA and around Australia

We know it can sometimes be a tricky process to find the right commercial cleaners for your business, be it in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide. You can be assured that whether you need office cleaning, medical cleaning or retail cleaning, AMC Commercial Cleaning brings an unmatched level of care and support for your business. Contact us today to begin developing your tailored cleaning plan in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, WA, South Australia and beyond.

Interested in an AMC cleaning franchise?

Alternatively if you’re searching for a cleaning franchise for sale, you can read more about owning your own cleaning business with AMC Commercial Cleaning. We provide industry-leading training, equipment and support for our franchisees.