4 Signs You Need New Commercial Cleaning Company Perth WA

4 Signs You Need New Commercial Cleaning Provider in Perth

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

If you use commercial cleaning in Perth for your office, healthcare facility, workshop or other premises, you deserve an exceptional result for your investment in the form of good cleanliness and hygiene. But how do you know if you’re getting short-changed? These four signs can clearly tell you if it’s time to find a new cleaning team.


Sign #1: You Rarely See the Same Cleaning Staff Twice

A high turnover of cleaning staff in a team can indicate two big problems. First, that there may be internal issues within that cleaning company or cleaning business franchise. Second, that the cleaning staff can’t possibly be getting the detailed training and support they need to do a good job. And these two things mean you’re probably not getting the thorough clean you’re paying for.

How to avoid this happening with a new provider:

Find a company that values its cleaning teams and invests in their success through training. A reputable provider’s client testimonials will often mention people by name, which indicates a reliable and ongoing relationship between the business and the cleaning team.

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Sign #2: You’re Seeing Signs of Poor Hygiene or Cleanliness at the Premises

Grimy surfaces, layers of dust, empty toilet roll holders or unattended spills – these can all be signs that your cleaning team isn’t meeting expectations. In the case of general workplace or warehouse cleaning, poor cleaning can lead to accidents, injury and illness. And in the case of aged care cleaning services or medical centre cleaning, a lazy cleaning job could seriously affect patient outcomes and even risk the lives of vulnerable people.

How to avoid this happening with a new provider:

When finding potential commercial cleaning services, ask how the provider outlines, audits and maintains quality. There should be cleaning KPIs set in place for your premises and these should be regularly audited. As we demonstrate every day at AMC, quality can be maintained across multiple cleaning franchise businesses when there are structures, training and support in place for quality assurance.

Sign #3: Your Cleaning Team has a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

If a cleaning provider hasn’t sat down with you and developed a tailored cleaning plan, this should ring alarm bells. Your premises, and the cleaning requirements of those premises, are entirely unique and must be treated as such. This is true whether you are using Perth office cleaning services or highly specialised cleaning services such as post-contamination cleaning.

How to avoid this happening with a new provider:

Firstly, seek out a cleaning provider that specialises in your sector. If you’re running medical facilities or a hospital, seek out specialist medical cleaning in Perth. If you need cleaning for primary schools, secondary schools, universities or other education facilities such as college grounds, look to specific education and school cleaning services. Second, expect any new provider to begin with a site-specific quote and cleaning plan.

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Sign #4: You don’t know how to get your concerns addressed

It’s so important that you know who to turn to if any issues arise with your business cleaning. If you don’t have a clear point of contact with your current provider, it’s time to look for a cleaning team that will actively welcome your feedback and queries.

How to avoid this happening with a new provider:

Choose a provider that offers a dedicated point of contact and has formal escalation structures to ensure any issues are addressed quickly. At AMC Commercial Cleaning, for example, each client has a Site Supervisor and Customer Service Manager available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Solution: Find a Better Commercial Cleaning Company in Perth

If the time has come for you to engage a new cleaning company for your business in Perth or surrounds, you can contact our team for an obligation-free and site-specific quote. AMC has experienced teams within most industries, including medical, school, industrial and office cleaning in Perth WA.