Optimise Your Medical Cleaning Services in Australia

Why Now’s The Time to Optimise Your Medical Cleaning in Australia

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

As restrictions ease and international borders open up, hospitals and healthcare environments are expected to see increased levels in admissions. As such, now could be the ideal time to assess and evaluate the quality of your healthcare cleaning services and engage capable new cleaning providers if required.

What KPIs should medical cleaners be meeting right now in Australia?

As you’ll know, medical cleaning requires a much more specialised focus than general commercial cleaning. There’s infection control to maintain and contamination risks to manage. There are five important KPIs that help to maintain quality. If you’re working with a hospital cleaning service, pathology centre cleaning services or engage a cleaning team for your medical practice, there should be a site-specific cleaning plan in place that outlines how specialist disinfection services are being carried out. You should feel confident that your cleaners are thoroughly trained and well equipped, particularly for specialist services such as post contamination cleaning. And as COVID-19 continues its spread, you should also be assured that your healthcare or medical centre cleaning is being carried out according to state and national guidelines. If not, now’s the time to evaluate your provider before any potential admission surges occur.

Finding quality medical cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne & beyond

What signs should you look for when seeking out industry-leading medical cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia? These are some of the key signs of a reputable medical cleaning provider:

  • A tailored approach to your practice or premises

  • A strong commitment to safe working practices

  • Quality Management Processes that maintain a high standard in service

  • A workforce that is vaccinated to help protect your patients and staff against illness

  • A commitment to ethical and sustainable cleaning practices that maximise hygiene, while minimising harm to people and the environment

  • A documented escalation process that ensures any issues raised will reach the right managers.

There simply is no room for doubt or compromise when it comes to your medical or healthcare cleaning. If you are searching for your next provider anywhere across Australia, AMC Commercial Cleaning can provide a tailored obligation-free quote specific to your premises.

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