Office Cleaning Checklist for Sydney & Melbourne Businesses

An Office Cleaning Checklist for Sydney & Melbourne Businesses

Friday, April 29th, 2022

Without adequate services in place, any premises can quickly fall into shabby condition and become a transmission point for pathogens. So how can you be sure your Sydney or Melbourne office cleaning company is delivering what they promise? This quick checklist will help you identify any gaps from your current commercial cleaning services and check the quality of your site-specific cleaning plan.

What should an office cleaning checklist include?

Most business environments will require either daily, weekly or twice-weekly office cleaning to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. While every office environment will have its own unique requirements, there are certain common elements to check off:

    • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping floors as appropriate, including underneath desks and chairs
    • Emptying rubbish bins, including in all common areas
    • Dusting and wiping down keyboards, desks and office surfaces
    • Cleaning office windows to a sparkling finish
    • Replenishing dispensers for liquid soaps, hand sanitiser and paper towels
    • Cleaning common areas such as kitchens and washrooms with specific attention and meticulous contamination control
    • Carrying out pre-emptive disinfection services to chemically kill pathogens on high-touch surfaces such as phones, keyboards, switches, fax machines and other equipment.

What should an office cleaning checklist include?

Surface disinfection services are often amongst the most overlooked in an office environment, yet these can play such a pivotal role in maximising wellbeing – and minimising sick days! It’s worth remembering that while cleaning physically removes grime and dirt, only disinfection using the right chemical solutions will actively kill off unwanted germs. In fact, throughout the winter months and in this COVID-19 era there could be benefit in stepping up the frequency of your surface disinfection services for effective infection control.

Developing the right checklist with your office cleaning company?

Every office should have its own office cleaning plan, because every office is built and used differently. Perhaps you have a central staircase that’s used by practically everyone in the business, and as such the handrails need to be sanitised more frequently. Maybe your largest meeting room is critical to business success and requires extra attention on a daily basis. Reputable Sydney and Melbourne commercial cleaners will sit down with you from the very beginning and develop a tailored cleaning plan based on your business floorplan and needs. Not only this, but quality management processes and audits will closely align with this cleaning plan over time.

Find office commercial cleaning in Sydney & Melbourne

If you’re looking for business cleaners or are assessing your current commercial cleaning services across Australia, we welcome you to get in touch with our team at AMC Commercial Cleaning. We’ll arrange a visit to your site, ask the right questions and put together a detailed proposal including a tailored cleaning plan.

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